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Knuckling up

Knuckling up (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /knuckling-up/

Also spelled or known as: Knucklin’ up

Related: Knuckle up, Knuckled up

What does Knuckling up mean?

To be fighting or preparing to fight.

Knuckling up Synonyms: Squaring up, Throwing hands, Scrapping, Fading, Boxing, Tussling

Example sentence: “They were knuckling up before the teacher came.”

Knuckling up in songs:

“As if ToBy was just gonna budge Give him a blunt, tell him to chill or we knuckling up” – ToBy, Shootaz.

“Saucin’ you up and all of us is knuckling up Have you buckling up motherfucker what” – Knowledge of Savage Brothers, At War.

Knuckling up with a carbon-based common guarding goblin” – Aesop Rock, Put Your Quarter Up.

“Getting ’em up throwin’ ’em, bobbing and weaving beastin’ Knuckling up with OGs in the middle of the street in” – E-40, Hillside.

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Knuckling up
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Knuckling up