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Knucklin’ up

Knucklin’ up (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /knucklin’-up/

Also spelled or known as: Knuckling up

Related: Knuckle up, Knuckled up

What does Knucklin’ up mean?

To be fighting or preparing to fight.

Knucklin’ up Synonyms: Squarin’ up, Throwin’ hands, Scrappin’, Fadin’, Boxing, Tusslin’

Example sentence: “Why were they knucklin’ up in the store?”

Knucklin’ up in songs:

“Beverly Hillbilly, black gold, Texas tea… where they’ll merk you And peel your potato instead of knucklin’ up” – E-40, The Server.

“From where the first time to beef a muh fucker mess up Instead of knucklin’ up” – Neef, Parade.

“Kay up with the gun and he’ll what (Like what like damn) Then we bought then we knucklin’ up” – Dee Billz, 41 Bop.

“You throwin’ hands? Nigga there’s more to combat than just knucklin’ up” – QP, QP vs. JC.

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Knucklin' up
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Knucklin' up