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The Raq

The Raq (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /the-rack/

Also spelled: The ‘Raq, The-Raq

Related: Raq, Chiraq

What does The Raq mean?

Chiraq; a nickname for Chicago.

The Raq Synonyms: Raq, Chiraq, Chi-Town, Killinois

Similar to Raq: The Hood, The Ghetto, The Ville, The 6, H-Town, Cali

Origin: Chiraq (also known as The Raq or Raq) is a combination of America’s third largest city Chicago and the country Iraq. A lot of gang wars happen in Chicago and the nickname was created and given to the dangerous parts of the city because of the crime rate and violent history.

Example sentence:Lil Durk is from the Raq.”

Stufinder Chicago
Stufinder Chicago

The Raq in songs:

Foenem slide the next day, this shit cannot die down Bronem from a different state, act like they from the Raq now” – Lil Durk, Pissed Me Off.

“Comin’ from the ‘Raq, the home of the drillers I’ma buy a home next to your home if I miss you”- Kanye West, KEEP IT BURNIN.

“I got a drop on a rappinnigga, I be from the ‘Raq I’m like, cool, better not front yomove, or you become a pack” – Lil Durk, Crazy Story 2.0.

Bad-bad-bad Bs come to the ‘raq, I tell the young G’s, “Be gentle and line up”” – SR, Welcome to Brixton.

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The Raq
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The Raq

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