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Brewfords (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bru-furds/

Also spelled or known as: Brewfurds, Brufords, Bruwfurds

Singular: Brewford

Related: Brufords

What does Brewfords mean?

Lame or goofy people who act like something they’re not.

Brewfords Synonyms: Goofies

Example sentence: “Those brewfords are always hating on us.”

Brewfords in songs

“I got a bitch work at Hooters I do not fuck with you Brewfords” – Lil Bibby, Aww Man.

Pull up with my toolie and my niggas act a foolie In my broski Herbo voice “All these niggas brewfords“” – Fredo Sanata, Lotta Lotta Guns.

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