Hundos (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /hun-dos/

Related: Hundo

Singular: Hundo

What does Hundos mean?

1. Hundreds. Hundos is slang for Hundreds.

Hundos Synonyms: Hunnits, Hunnids, 100s

2. Hundreds of dollar ($100+) cash bills.

Hundos Synonyms: Benjis, Franklins, Blue Cheese, Hundos, Hunnids, 100s, Blue Hunnids

Example sentence: “The chain cost hundos.”

Hundos in songs:

“She hate it when I got to go on the road But she like it when I bring back the hundos” – Quavo, All Good.

“Hey, you tryna act all tough Got them hundos in my pockets” – Gucci Mane, Bussin Juugs.

Trap out the spot and Big Guss countin’ breesh and hundos” – Sheff G, No Suburban.

“I got a duffle full of hundos There the love go, where’s the uproar?” – Lil Wayne, Uproar.

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