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Handting (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /hand-ting/

Also spelled or known as: Hand ting, Hand-ting

What does Handting mean?

British or Jamaican slang for a handgun.

Handting Synonyms: Skeng, Pocket Rocket, Hand cannon, Yoppa, Draco, 40, Glizzy, Stick, .50, Dick, Rod, Iron, Shotty, Kronze, Hand ting, Toaster

Example sentence:Don’t get caught with that Handting.”

Handting in songs:

OD handting, that’s a Remington Shotgun, B-Side like Bellingham” – AM, Mansa Musa.

“On the opp block with broski, campin’ Tryna shank him or corn from the handting” – BandoKay, HB Freestyle.

“Practice makes perfect, don’t ask why my niggas are out with a handting” – SR, Practice Makes Perfect.

“Big man come out your yard, get cabbaged Long ass dots and bro got the handting” – Double Lz, Next Up?.

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