Hand cannon


Hand cannon (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /hand-can-non/

Also spelled or known as: Hand-cannon, Handcannon

What does Hand cannon mean?

A handgun.

Hand cannon Synonyms: Skeng, Pocket Rocket, Hand ting, Yoppa, Draco, 40, Glizzy, Stick, .50, Dick, Rod, Iron, Shotty, Kronze, Handting, Toaster

Example sentence: “I don’t go nowhere without my Hand cannon.”

Hand cannon in songs:

Hand cannon knocking vehicles off the freeway, too” – Z-Ro, Go Long.

“I give a hater a handicap with this hand cannon” – Freddie Gibbs, Bandana.

“FN, five-point-seven, lilhand cannon won’t miss you, nigga” – CellyRu, Red Light.

“No oxygen, just xenon, xenon, xenon Copped a hand cannon from Kenan” – Thouxanbanfauni, Xenon.

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Hand cannon
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Hand cannon
Hand cannon

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