Grants (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /grants/

Singular: Grant

What does Grants mean?

1. Fifty-dollar ($50) bills.

Grants Synonyms: 50s, Fifties

2. Money given to you to help you achieve a goal or your business.

Grants Synonyms: Loan, Investments, Investment

Example sentence: “I spent a couple grants on my fit.”

Grants in songs:

Pussy getting wet as she walking through my morgue Grants, Jacksons, no room for George” – Pusha-T, Blow (Freestyle).

“Couple stars with me, thats a constellation Jacksons, Grants, Benjis, thats my conversation” – Wiz Khalifa, Real Estate.

I’m out for Presidents to represent me I’m talking Benjamins, nigga Grants nigga From Washingtons, man Tired of those” – J. Cole, Dead Presidents.

Official LOX family, grants niggas handing me I want the finer things, and I hope you understanding me” – Styles P, Niggaz Done Started Something.

“Chanel pouch on my left, fuck the cops we don’t play Benjamins, Grants talk back, I be like “who is that?”” – Young Thug, Love Me Forever (Chopped & Screwed).

“I’ve seen it turn beautiful people crude and deceitful And make ’em do shit illegal for these Grants and Jacksons These transactions explain a man’s actions” – Eminem, It’s O.K..

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