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Gotham (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /goth-em/

What does Gotham mean?

A nickname for New York City.

Gotham Synonyms: NYC, N.Y., The Big Apple, Alphabet City

Gotham in songs:

“Marcy me, Streets is my artery, the vein of my existence I’m the Gotham City heartbeat” – Jay-Z, Marcy Me.

“Fashion show in Gotham, I need another costume” – Kanye West, Feedback.

Whippin’ through Gotham, Hatin’ mothafuckas, I wanna off ’em” – Logic, Alright.

I’m tryna shine like the bat sign, when it’s crime And the gats flyin up in Gotham, watch em” – J. Cole, Til’ Infinity.

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