Gore-Tex (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /gore-tex/

Also spelled or known as: Goretex, Gore tex

What does Gore-Tex mean?

A patented type of waterproof fabric.

Example sentence: “He was wearing a Supreme t-shirt and black Gore-Tex pants.”

Gore-Tex in songs:

“Autobiography follows the footsteps of Malcolm X Money and sex, Gore-Tex, Donna Karan and Guess” – AZ, Rather Unique.

Yeah, pass the mic before I jack it like gore-tex Bust like raw sex, rappers suck like vortex” – Logic, Disgusting.

“Just for that sizzle, Gore-Tex in case of drizzle” – Action Bronson, Red Dot Music.

“Used to run many spots, now I own shops Gore-Tex with the lock, five sixty-four bills a pop” – Fat Joe, John Blaze.

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