Grillz (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /gr-ills/

Also spelled or known as: Grills

Related: Grill, Fronts, Grills

What does Grillz mean?

Gold, silver, diamond or platinum fitted jewelry worn over teeth or mouth.

Grillz Synonyms: Fronts, Grills

Example sentence: “I got on grillz like a damn rapper.”

Grillz in songs:

“Hopped out I’m grinding, my grillz they all shinin'” – XXXtentacion, IN THIS BITCH LIT, FREE KEKE & FREE 2 WOOP FREESTYLE.

“I dropped that gangsta grillz, now I’m a hood star” – Yo Gotti, Goin’ Down.

Gold grillz, gold chain, LMG be the game” – G-Haze, Versace.

Beat a nigga out his pull-outs, where yo grillz at?” – Duwap Kaine, LeanOnYou.

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