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Train (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /train/

Related: Run train, Train

What does Train mean?

To have sex with a woman, with many men one after the other.

Train Synonyms: Run a Train, Run train

Example sentence: “If you keep playing me and my guys gonna train ya girl.”

Train in songs:

“If that nigga had a twin, I would let ’em run a train” – Cardi B, Up.

“Pass the Mary Jane like I’m runnin’ a train with Peter Parker” – Logic, Warm It Up.

“Would you let me run a train up and pay your car note, If it was due tomorrow?” – YG, Backflip.

“She let a nigga run and get the gang, run a train” – Cory Gunz, Lay It Down.

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