SSRI (acronym)

Type: acronym

Pronunciation: /S-S-R-I/

Plural: SSRI’s

What does SSRI mean and stand for?

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor.

SSRI Synonyms: Antidepressant

Example sentence: “Inspired by him life, my homie started a brand called SSRI

SSRI in songs:

“Antipsychotic, amphetamine, mood stabilizer, SSRI” – Mackenzie Nicole, Jealous.

“Tell y’all my SSRI dose wasn’t adjusted right, and choose” – C-red, Tired.

“Always medicated SSRI, but that is not enough im off a perc now” – D1v, A fix.

“I’ll fortify so you can burn me at the stake, Tricyclics with an SSRI” – Sadistik, The Beast.

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