Hold ya head


Hold ya head (phrase)

Type: phrase

Pronunciation: /hold-ya-head/

Also known as: hold your head

What does Hold ya head mean?

To stay sane through trivial and hard times.

Hold ya head Synonyms: Keep going

Example sentence:Hold ya head kid. It is what it is, all will be fine soon.”

Hold ya head in songs:

Hold ya head, my niggas the system is made to make niggas fall, made to make niggas fail” – Kanye West, Welcome to the World.

“Coppers and quotas, hold ya head like 2Pac had taught” – Saba, Everybody’s Something.

“No, until we meet again, hold ya head and stay strong” – Prodigy, Cradle to the Grave,

“Hope you hold ya head, I hope y’all niggas doing well” – Ma$e, The Oracle.

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Hold ya head
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