What the lick read

What the lick read (phrase)

Pronunciation: /what-the-lick-read/

What does What the lick read mean?

How is it going?; What’s going on?; A greeting.

What the lick read Synonyms: What’s up?

Example sentence:What the lick read my boy, haven’t seen you in a minute my g.”

What the lick read in songs:

What the lick read? Baby, come and lick me, V12, how I’m ridin’ in the 6 speed” – Kodak Black, Transportin’.

What the lick read? I’m in the big league” – Lil Wayne, Grove Street Party.

“Tell me what the lick read, we gon’ go and get it” – Future, Goin Dummi.

I’m like what the lick read? Just give me cheese, please” – T9ine, Check On Me.

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What the lick read
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What the lick read