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Get sturdy


Get sturdy (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /get-stur-dee/

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What does Get sturdy mean?

To do the east coast drill music dance “Sturdy”.

Example sentence:Lemme see you get sturdy real quick.”

Get sturdy in songs:

“This shit’ll hold thirty, click into a jam (Click into a jam) Off the Wock’, he get sturdy, I might do my dance” – B-Lovee, What You Reckon.

Bitch, get sturdy Baby I’m done up, I’m gone off a yerky It’s no, mercy, but Ace in the car and he moving with purgies” – Edot Babyy, Ready 4 War.

“Look, we ’bout to get sturdy now (Baow) We ’bout to get sturdy now” – Pop Smoke, Iced Out Audemars.

“I get sturdy when I’m in it, baow Talkin’ ’bout I hurt her feelings, ouch” – Lil Baby, Not Finished.

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Get sturdy
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Get sturdy