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Getting sturdy

Getting sturdy (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /get-in-stur-dee/

Also spelled or known as: Gettin’ sturdy

Related: Sturdy, Get sturdy

What does Getting sturdy mean?

To be doing the east coast drill music dance “Sturdy”.

Example sentence: “We were in the club getting sturdy.”

Getting sturdy in songs:

Ain’t saying that I feel invincible but I don’t live with worry Kit on Dougie B, look at my chains, them bitches getting sturdy Grab a blank embosser, write the tracks in like a minute thirty You putting pussy over pape’? Oh no, yo vision blurry” – BabyTron, 15′-16′ Curry.

“You ain’t never gon’ win like Dak Prescott Chain really dance, it’s getting sturdy like it’s Kay Flock” – TrDee, NFL.

“She hold the liqour, and shit’ll get dizzy But we in the party, she getting sturdy” – Shordie Shordie, Average.

‘Cause of my ex she was doin’ me dirty She ain’t there dancin’, but she getting sturdy” – Jay Eazy, Have A Nice Day.

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Getting sturdy
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Getting sturdy