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Sturdy (slang)

Type: noun, adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /stur-dee/

Related: Get sturdy, Getting sturdy

What does Sturdy mean?

1. An east coast drill music dance originating in New York.

Sturdy Synonyms: Get Sturdy, Woo Walk

2. To be dancing well.

3. Strongly made or built; strong or solid.

Sturdy Synonyms: Buff

Example sentence: “My boy was in the back doing the sturdy.”

Sturdy in songs:

“Money tree, branches break when they not sturdy enough, uh See, I was good with the bad guy role” – Benny The Butcher, Crowns For Kings.

“Oh,  you feelin’ sturdy, huh? (You feelin’ sturdy, man)” – Dior, Pop Smoke.

“I run with sturdy cliques, I’m never hittin’ dirty chicks” – Big L, Put It On.

“This shit so sturdy I wheelie through potholes” – Lil Uzi Vert, Grow Up.

“Walk a fine line with sturdy banisters Got birdies landin’, got murderers handy” – Lil Wayne, Key To The Streets (Remix).

“When I’m in the streets, I stay too sturdy” – Kai Cenat, Bustdown Rollie Avalanche.

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