GED (acronym)

Type: noun, slang, acronym

Pronunciation: /g-e-d/

Also spelled: G.E.D, G-E-D

What does GED mean and stand for?

General Educational Development; A high school equivalency diploma.

Example sentence: “He went back and got his GED after dropping out.”

GED in songs:

GED with some EBTs, and some DVDs That shit was happening” – Jay Rock, Vice City.

“I got my GED in the penitentiary” – Shy Glizzy, I’m On Fire.

Fuck a GED, EBT, and the HOC Feeling free, yeah, I’m feeling free” – Logic, No Pressure.

“Said fuck school, got my GED, Cause ain’t nothing you can motherfucking teach me” – CeeJ, World Go Crazy.

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