KTB (acronym)

Type: slang, acronym

Pronunciation: /k-t-b/

Also spelled: K.T.B., K-T-B

What does KTB mean and stand for?

1. Kutthroat Business.

2. Kill That Boy.

Example sentence: “Kodak Black often mentions KTB in his songs.”

KTB in songs:

Yeah, Kutthroat Businezz, KTB, backdoor wide open” – Kodak Black, Super Gremlin.

KTB, kill that boy, cutthroat” – Kodak Black, Smackers.

KTB nigga, kutthroat Bill Kutthroat business, kill someone for a deal” – Kodak Black, In The Field.

“I’ma keep that baby KTB, girl, trust” – Kodak Black, Love Isn’t Enough.

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