10 digits

10 digits (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /ten-dij-its/

Also spelled or known as: 10 -digits, Ten-digits

What does 10 digits mean?

A phone number.

10 digits Synonym: Celly, Jack

Example sentence:I’m just tryna get your 10 digits baby.”

10 digits in songs:

“Hey, I’m bout to change my number on you, All 10 digits, You get with it” – DRAM, Change My #.

“If I give em 10 digits best believe I’m gon’ call her” – Roscoe Dash, Cool Me Down.

I’m over my head, I’m trying to rover the spread, Then she says 10 digits, I’m with it” – MC Rimmer, Bottom Line.

“It’s could you type your 10 digits in my cellular phone” – Els3vn, Penelope.

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10 digits
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10 digits