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Dutty wine

Dutty wine (slang)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /dir-tee-wine/

Also known or spelled as: Dirty wine, Dutty whine

Related: Wining

What does Dutty wine mean?

A sexual Jamaican dance involving moving hips and butt.

Example sentence:Shawty right there is hypnotic, i love the way she dutty wine.”

Dutty wine in songs:

“Hotter than a Middle Eastern climate, violent, Tony Matterhorn, dutty wine it, wine it” – Nicki Minaj, Monster.

“I made the ladies dutty wine like I’m Sean Paulie” – Kendrick Lamar, Gnarly.

“You make the girls dutty wine, dance like no spine” – Yung Joc, Mollie.

“I like a dutty wine bitch with some vagina piercing” – Wale, The MC.

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Dutty wine
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Dutty wine

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