Dropped a bag

Dropped a bag (phrase)

Type: verb, slang, phrase

Pronunciation: /dropped-a-box/

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What does Dropped a bag mean?

To have put up or spent a lot of money.

Dropped a bag Synonyms: Balled, Put bread up

Example sentence: “I dropped a bag inside of Neiman Marcus.”

Dropped a bag in songs:

Flexing like I got the title, Dropped a bag, I could never be like you” – Jay Critch, Take Out.

“Ran it up like I’m Emmitt, I just dropped a bag in Lennox” – T-Wayne, Its OK (okok xxxxx).

“I dropped a bag on a marching band, Sticks and drums, is you dumb?” – Dave East, Checc.

“I dropped a bag with my advance that I got from Atlantic, Jumped out with sticks and Glocks with dicks and them niggas had panic” – Quando Rondo, No Smoke

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Dropped a bag
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Dropped a bag

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