Drop a bag

Drop a bag (phrase)

Type: verb, slang, phrase

Pronunciation: /drop-a-box/

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What does Drop a bag mean?

To put up or spend a lot of money.

Drop a bag Synonyms: Put bread up

Example sentence: “We went to Cheesecake factory to drop a bag.”

Drop a bag in songs:

“Say he want smoke, drop a bag, everybody get shot” – Nav, Wolves.

“I’ma drop a bag, they gonpull up and then they gon’ let them things off” – Nicki Minaj, 5 Star.

Scheme on it, I drop a bag and get you hit right now” – Uncle Murda, Right Now.

Drop a bag on her, she get excited” – Lil Baby, Who I Want.

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Drop a bag
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Drop a bag

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