Dime piece


Dime piece (slang)

Type: noun, phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /dime-p-es/

Plural: Dime pieces

Also spelled: Dimepiece, Dime-piece

What does Dime piece mean?

A beautiful woman who is a 10/10 in looks.

Dime piece Synonyms: Dime, Baddie, Ting, Shawty

Example sentence: “My next girl has to be a dime piece or i don’t want her.”

Dime piece in songs:

“Oh, shit, baby is a dime piece, more than just fine” – 2Pac, What’z Ya Phone #.

“Your girl’s a five, but your mom is a dime piece” – Lil Uzi Vert, Myron.

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Dime piece
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