Witcha (slang)

Type: contraction, slang

Pronunciation: /witch-ah/

Also spelled or known as: With ya, With-ya

What does Witcha mean?

With You.

Example sentence: “I wanna go to the party witcha.”

Witcha in songs:

“Say I ain’t dealing witcha, dawg, I’m going a different way” – Kodak Black, Codeine Dreaming.

“”Split a swisha witcha nigga if you ask me” – Chance the Rapper, Brain Cells.

Rhyme with the skill, as if Nas went to College on scholarship met Pac and said “I’m down witcha“” – J. Cole, Cole Summer.

“Catch up witcha, betcha he gonblow your brains ’bout that” – T.I., About The Money.

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