Finessing (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /fin-ess-ing/

Also spelled or known as: Finessin

Related: Finesse, Finessed, Finesser

What does Finessing mean?

Actively getting what you want by tricking the other side.

Finessing Synonyms: Gaffling, Jugging, Robbing, Maneuvering, Finagling

Example sentence: “My girlfriend is always finessing.”

Finessing in songs:

“I got the bodies, don’t know where to dump em Wrapping the work like a mummy, finessing the plug for dummies” – Takeoff, FUCKEMx3.

Jugging and finessing, we’ve heard that a hundred times though Niggas keep repeating theyself like they in a vine” – KYLE, Doubt It.

“I got the birds singing like I’m Richie Lionel, I mean Lionel Richie Finessing the plug, again I did it, my bitches exquisite” – Quavo, China Town.

“You think you finessing me? Run off with ya bird You gotta be kidding me” – Offset, Birds.

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