Creeper (slang)

Type: noun, verb, slang

Pronunciation: /kreep-er/

Related: Creepy, Creep, Creepers, Creeped, Creeping, Creepin

Plural: Creepers

What does Creeper mean?

Someone whose behavior is socially weird, scary, or perverted.

Creeper Synonyms: Weirdo

Example sentence:Shorty right there thinks you’re a creeper.”

Creeper in songs:

“Jeeper the fucking creeper, get your daughter and keep her In the jeeps where the Wolf Gang rides around deeper” – Tyler, The Creator, Tron Cat.

“You ain’t nothing but a creeper baby, I’m just saying though Saying though, ayy, it ain’t nothing to cut that bitch off” – K Camp, Cut Her Off.

“Sergio Tacchini shirt, real creeper slippers” – ScHoolboy Q, Gangsta in Designer (No Concept).

“I ain’t fucking with it cause she look like the creeper” – Yung Gravy, Splash Mountain.

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