Creepy (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /kreep-e/

Related: Creep, Creeps, Creeper, Creepers, Creeped, Creeping, Creepin

What does Creepy mean?

To be acting socially weird, scary, or perverted.

Creepy Synonyms: Weird, Eerie, Disturbing

Example sentence:Don’t you ever act creepy next to my sister.”

Creepy in songs:

“Feeling kinky, lip syncing to Too $hort’s “Freaky Tales” (Biatch!) Having creepy visions of whiskey drinking” – Eminem, Framed.

“Why you worried ’bout the girl over here? Keep your eyes over there, it is creepy when you stare” – Kid Cudi, Creepers.

“I said, “Wow, I’m on the TV” I can’t fuck with broke bitches, they be creepy” – Pop Smoke, Element.

“They come to getcha when they grope in your mind They think you creepy, getting down in your mind” – Childish Gambino, Have Some Love.

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