Chump change

Chump change (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /chaw-ump-change/

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What does Chump change mean?

A small or irrelevant amount of money.

Chump change Synonyms: Crumbs, Scraps

Example sentence: “He thought that $2000 shoes were chump change.”

Chump change in songs:

“Man, these hoes love Wayne, got a bunch of dimes, that’s chump change” – Lil Wayne, Wowzers.

“I had got that shit back in like twenty-some-days, Ain’t no chump change, I’m talkin’ bout’ 500k” – Lil Baby, Intro (Harder Than Ever).

“Living in the system working kitchen for chump change” – Danny Brown, Fields.

“Put some money on your head, twenty piece, chump change” – YG, Bottle Service.

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Chump change
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Chump change

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