Tooka pack

Tooka pack (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /too-ka-pack/

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What does Tooka pack mean?

A disrespectful representation of the death of Tooka, a 15 year old gang member in the south side of Chicago, often mentioned by Chief Keef.

Example sentence: “King Von has mentioned smoking a tooka pack a couple times in songs.”

Tooka pack in songs:

“Foreign car, Clout that, I’m high off this Tooka pack” – Chief Keef, War.

“Smokin’ on that Tooka pack, so tell me where we stand now” – Edai, Steve Drive.

‘Cause I’m off this tooka pack, all this Tooka thrax, Like Tadoe, I’m just too damn smacked” – Chief Keef, That Be Me.

Pull up on you, smoking on some Tooka pack, My shooters gon’ shoot, fuck nigga where your shooters at?” – Chief Keef, Off the Tooka.

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Tooka pack
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Tooka pack

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