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Toke (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /toek/

Related: Toking, Tokin’, Toked

What does Toke mean?

To take a puff of a joint, blunt, etc.

Toke Synonyms: Chief, Hit it

Example sentence: “She just came over to toke and shit.”

Toke in songs:

Weed that I smoke, straight off a boat Six foot bong, tryna see what I toke This that Cali Kush, I motivate not gloat All I need is Mary, let the models do the coke” – Juicy J, Trippy.

Cloud 9, uh-huh, going through my mind, uh-huh Take a toke, uh-huh, hold it ’til you choke, uh-huh Moving forward, uh-huh, cruising on my board, uh-huh Still got more, uh-huh, burn it ’til it’s short, uh-huh” – Wiz Khalifa, So High (Blacc Hollywood).

“You know and I know, I flow some old funky shit To add to my collection, the selection Symbolizes dope, take a toke, but don’t choke” – Dr. Dre, Nuthin’ But a “G” Thang.

“I free my mind sometimes I hear myself moaning Take one more toke and I leave that weed alone, man It got me going, shit” – Jay-Z, Feelin’ It.

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