Bruford (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bru-furd/

Also spelled or known as: Brewfurd, Brufurd, Bruwfurd

Plural: Brufords

Related: Brewfurd

What does Bruford mean?

A lame or goofy person who acts like someone or something they’re not.

Bruford Synonyms: Goofy

Example sentence: “Her new man is a bruford.”

Bruford in songs:

“Talking down get exposed with yo hating ass Niggas bruford they be softer then a baby ass” – S.Dot, Quiet Storm (Freestyle).

“I do threesomes with a few chicks Think I’m lacking, don’t be bruford My name in niggas mouth just like toothpicks” – Lil Bibby, I’m Rolling (Remix).

“You a goofy, a Bruford, a fuckinlame You wanna ride on my dick for some fuckinfame” – Montana of 300, Panda (Remix).

“Six-O on your ass, you can’t lack, goofy, Better tuck your chain before they snatch, bruford” – S.Dot, Kind of the Six.

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