Breaker (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /break-er/

Plural: Breakers

Related: Break, Breaks, Breakdancer, Breakdance, B-boy, b-girl, Breakdancing, B-boying, B-girling

What does Breaker mean?

Someone who break dances or performs a high energy acrobatic style of street dancing.

Breaker Synonyms: Breakdancer, B-boy, B-girl

Example sentence: “Before he started rapping he was a breaker.”

Breaker in songs:

“He’s a maker, a breaker, and a title taker” – Jam Master Jay, Peter Piper.

“It’s on breaker 1, 2 mike checkin’, Flexin no half steppin” – Erick, Sermon, Stay Real.

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