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Breakdancer (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /break-dance-err/

Also spelled or known as: Break dancer, Break-dancer

Plural: Breakdancers

Related: Break, Breaks, Breaker, Breakdance, B-boy, b-girl, Breakdancing, B-boying, B-girling

What does Breakdancer mean?

Someone who break dances or performs a high energy acrobatic style of street dancing.

Breakdancer Synonyms: Breaker, B-boy, B-girl

Example sentence: “I invited a breakdancer to the party for entertainment.”

Breakdancer in songs:

Yo, my nigga used to be a breakdancer, But now he’s lying up dying of cancer, Doctors can’t find the answer, He used to smoke mad cigarettes” – Quasimoto, Am I Confused?.

Blaze tried hard to become a breakdancer, Just couldn’t cut it, so it couldn’t be the answer” – Wonder Mike, Troy.

“Now I, never was ever the best breakdancer And you’ll never hear my name on your CB police scanner” – milo, One Lonely Owl.

Spittin’ lead, revolver barrel’s spinnin’ like a breakdancer” – Da$h, Hold Up.

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