Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /br-eachin/

Also spelled: Breachin’

Related: Breach of contract, Breached, Breach

What does Breaching mean?

1. To be breaking a law or legal restriction placed in an agreement.

2. To be intruding.

Breaching Synonyms: Violating

Example sentence: “Sorry i’m breaching but can i come in?”

Breaching in songs:

“Tsst, you read the contract your man ain’t breaching” – Tyga, Rumorz.

“The hustle got me breaching bail” – J Hus, Street Starz TV Freestyle.

“So if trap roll up, nigga, we breaching” – Lil Gotit, Christmas.

“Hold your head boy they breaching your thoughts” – Mick Jenkins, Lazarus.

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