Booty club

Booty club (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /boot-e-klub/

Also spelled or known as: Booty-club

Related: Booty, Club

What does Booty club mean?

A strip club.

Booty club Synonyms: Club

Example sentence: “We going to the booty club for my boy’s birthday.”

Booty club in songs:

“In the hood, hoes stuntin’, money (Stuntin’) In the booty club throwin’ money” – Young Nudy, Money Spread.

“Makin’ music, but I’m really a trapper Booty club, ’bout to fuck up a sandwich” – Kevin Gates, Change Lanes.

“I been at the booty club four times this week Damn, I need you” – Russ, We Just Haven’t Met Yet.

“I was so fresh in the booty club thursday, them hoes tried to tip me” – Young Dro, 2 Fucks.

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Booty club
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Booty club