Trapper (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /trap-r/

Plural: Trappers

Related: Trap, Trappin’, Trapped

What does Trapper mean?

A drug dealer; someone who sells drugs.

Trapper Synonyms: Slanger, Drug dealer, Pusha, Weedman, Plug, Dopeman, Trap star, Pusha Man, Connect, Dealer, Supplier

Example sentence: “I was in the hood with my homeboy, he a trapper.”

Trapper in songs:

“A trapper, baby, I rap but I own all my masters, baby” – Gucci Mane, I Get the Bag.

“A rapper turned trapper can’t morph into us” Pusha T, If You Know You Know.

“Makin’ music, but I’m really a trapper” – Kevin Gates, Change Lanes.

“You just a battle rapper, I’m an official trapper” – Future, Big Rings.

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