Cuffed (slang)

Type: verb, noun, slang

Pronunciation: /cough-d/

Also known as: Cuffed Up

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What does Cuffed mean?

1. To be in a relationship; taken or married.

Cuffed Synonyms: Taken, Settled, Dated

2. To be arrested.

Example sentence: “He didn’t want me talking to his sister because she was cuffed.”

Cuffed in songs:

“I’ma keep it real, I done cuffed some hoes and all” – 21 Savage, Darth Vader.

“Last year I cuffed that bitch, well now it’s over” – Chief Keef, Now It’s Over.

I’m talmbout like bein’ cuffed by the boss and not the runner” – Plies, Real Hitta.

Tryna take it slow, but I cuffed already” – Jack Harlow, SMELLS LIKE INCENSE.

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