Bona fide

Bona fide (adjective)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /bun-a-fide/

Also spelled: bonafide, bona-fide

What does Bona fide mean?

Real, authentic, or in good faith.

Bona fide Synonyms: Trill

Example sentence:I’m loyal and always bona fide.”

Bona fide in songs:

I’m staying on my grizzy, I’m a bona fide hustler” – Lil Wayne, Go DJ.

Bona fide strong, you need leverage to sever” – Q-Tip, Excursions.

“A bona fide pro, I had to grab the ho” – Dr. Dre, Xxplosive.

“Street nigga, stamped and bona fide” – Mr. Fantastik, Rapp Snitch Knishes.

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Bona fide
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Bona fide