Excursions (noun)

Type: noun

Pronunciation: /ex-cur-sion/

Singular: Excursion

What does Excursions mean?

Short trips or journeys, typically for pleasure.

Excursions Synonyms: Vacations

Example sentence: “Me and Jake going on some excursions on the east.”

Excursions in songs:

“We pull up in Excursions 2020, nigga, in a Suburban” – Lil Skies, Ok.

Pull up to my show in Excursions” – Shabazz PBG, If You Need It.

Foenem love them drills, but they doing hits outside Excursions” – Ike Boy, Purge.

“We on these excursions so you must realize That continually, I pop my Zulu” – Q-Tip, Excursions.

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