Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /barb-er-shop/

Also spelled or known as: Barber-shop, Barber shop

Related: Barber

What does Barbershop mean?

A place where a barber cuts hair and conducts business.

Barbershop Synonyms: Saloon

Example sentence: “It’s saying the barbershop is closed today.”

Barbershop in songs:

I’m always at the top of barbershop gossip” – Rick Ross, Gold Roses.

“My mom took me to a barbershop to get some cornrows, I walked in, ready for them Sprewell braids” – Mac Miller, Friends.

“Told my momma third grade I’d be in the third Barbershop” – Chance the Rapper, Mixtape.

Pull up at the barbershop, chop the top off the Phantom” – The Game, Switch Lanes.

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