Heffer (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /hef-err/

What does Heffer mean?

A fat or obese person.

Example sentence: “My ex-girl is definitely a Heffer.”

Heffer in songs:

Fuck that lil’ ho, she a heffer” – Kodak Black, Smackers.

“Stop yo’ cryin heffer, I don’t need all that” – Mystikal, Shake Ya Ass.

“Living in forever, ever, ever, ever, ever in laughter And ever since that heffer put me on MediaTakeOut I ain’t fucked a basic bitch since” – Royce da 5’9″, Dead President Heads.

“Mhm, Deja who? I been upgraded from heffer” – Kodak Black, Usain Boo.

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