Yopper (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /yop-per/

Also known or spelled as: Yoppa

Plural: Yoppers

What does Yopper mean?

1. An automatic weapon.

Yopper Synonyms: Chopper, Draco, .40, Glizzy

2. Ecstasy or pills.

Yopper Synonyms: Molly, Poppers, MDMA, X

Example sentence: “He was acting weird on a yopper.”

Yopper in songs:

“Take a real champagne bath nigga You can hit him with that yopper now” – Future, Maybach.

Rolling off a yopper Heavy reefer puffer Flex I make a muscle” – King Louie, Till I Meet Selena.

“Young nigga sick with it, yopper got a stick in it That’s my favorite pistol ’cause I hit a lot of licks in it” – Rob Vicious, MOBB TIES.

“I got a yopper, five dollars, off the streets” – Trouble, Chopper.

“Who got the yopper, who got the yola? Don’t matter, go figure” – Jeezy, My Nigga.

“I kill the beat the barrel on the yopper round as a motherfuckin’ Super Dome” – Lil Chuckee, Before Tune Gets Back.

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