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Wheels of steel

Wheels of steel (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /wheels-of-steel/

Also spelled or known as: Wheels-of-steel

What does Wheels of steel mean?


Wheels of steel Synonyms: 1 and 2’s

Example sentence: “He was playing good music on the wheels of steel.”

Wheels of steel in songs:

“In my spiritual form, I turn into Bobby Seale On the wheels of steel, my spirit flies away” – KRS-One, Ah-Yeah.

“That’s when shit was real, no phonies no bologna Just a homie, mics and wheels of steel” – Nine, Whutcha Want?.

Pop that shit like twice for real, niggas gon’ feel my wheels of steel” – Big K.R.I.T., My Sub.

“What’s the matter with your DJ, MC Shan? On the wheels of steel Marlon sucks” – KRS-One, The Bridge Is Over.

“Everything must coincide with the way I feel And by the way, it’s Scott La Rock on the wheels of steel” – Boogie Down Productions, Dope Beat.

“Our crowned Prince on the wheels of steel He goes by the name of Grandmaster Dee” – Whodini, Five Minutes of Funk.

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Wheels of steel
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Wheels of steel