Hustle town


Hustle town (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /hustle-town/

Also spelled or known as: Hustle-town, Hustletown

What does Hustle town mean?

Houston, Texas.

Hustle town Synonyms: H-Town

Example sentence: “A lot of rappers are from hustle town.”

Hustle town in songs:

Hustle town that’s my hood gettin money is understood” – Paul Wall, Sippin’ Tha Barre.

“Graduate eighty-eight, H-town we still hood, Remember me in the hustle town” – Rasheed, Dope House Family.

“Money coming through this way, Hustle Town U.S.A” – Lil Keke, Grey Cassette.

Hustle town is my home, it’s where I do my dirt” – Paul Wall, Welcome 2 Houston.

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