416 (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /four-one-six/

Also known as: The 416, Tha 416, Da 416

What does 416 mean?

Toronto, Canada area code.

Example sentence: “The Weeknd is from the 416.”

Other Toronto area codes: 647

416 in songs:

“I’m a rich young nigga from the 416” – Tory Lanez, Mama Told Me.

“Toronto where I stay, 416 all day” – Honey C, Chichi Get The Yayo.

“Have you ever been Annapol where they champagne sipped Then fly across the border to the 416” – Big Sean, Cosmic Kev Freestyle 10/10/14.

416, we know your bitch, that Free Band OVO shit, fo’ real” – Drake, Fo’ Real.

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