Flicks (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /fle-icks/

Related: Chick flick, Flicking up, Flickin up, Flicking, Flick’, Flicked up

Singular: Flick

What does Flicks mean?

Movies, videos, or photos.

Flicks Synonyms: Pictures

Example sentence: “We watched a couple of flicks and made love..”

Flicks in songs:

“She had 9/10 pants and a very big bra I took a couple of flicks and she was enthused” – Biz Markie, Just a Friend.

“Us in the six, shop for new clothes and kicks You and me takin’ flicks Makin’ hits, stages they receive you on” – Puff Daddy, I’ll Be Missing You.

“Sending flicks to my partners in the state pen I just got some pants made out of snake skin” – 2 Chainz, Feds Watching.

“I gave your mom dukes loot for kicks, plus sent you flicks” – Nas, One Love.

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