Parlayin’ (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /par-lay-in/

Also spelled: Parlaying

What does Parlayin’ mean?

To be kicking back and chilling.

Parlayin’ Synonyms: Boolin’, Vibin

Example sentence: “Me and my shawty just parlayin’ today.”

Parlayin’ in songs:

Parlayin’ on the corner, drinkin 40’s shootin cee-lo” – Big Daddy Kane, Brooklyn Style…Laid Out.

“We just been gettin’ rich relaxing, parlayin’” – Gunna, Vibes in LA.

“You hear what I’m saying, you only good for parlayin’” – Big Syke, There U Go.

“In the club gettin’ on, rather chill in bubble bath, parlayin’” – Tyga, Hard for You.

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