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Coon (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /koon/

What does Coon mean?

A derogatory term for black people who talk down on other black people or acts and speaks “white”.

Coon Synonyms: Uncle Tom

Example sentence: “They were calling her a coon because she voted for him.”

Coon in songs:

“And I’m born rich, life ain’t fair, it’s silver spoon coon, ho” – Childish Gambino, IV. Sweatpants.

“Stop all that coon shit, Early morning cartoon shit” – Kanye West, Black Skinhead.

I’m probably a coon to your standard’s based on this evidence” – Tyler, the Creator, MANIFESTO.

“I ain’t the one to assume, I put the coon in tycoon” – Dom McLennon, CHICK.

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